About Us

Tried And Tested Premium Quality Vaping

Two ordinary gents on 20 a day who received an ego e-cig kit and the journey began and not once have we looked back.
Once realising  the potential of the e-cig and vaping in general without the want of tasting plastic clearomizer and ingesting e-liquid we decided to source quality products to continue enjoying vaping and assist with lowering the cigarette count.
From the e-cig we moved to the Innokin CLK 1280 with an Aspire K1 (Highly Recommended) and the Kanger Evod2 respectively. After vaping at this level for sometime we decided that another upgrade was required/desired (more desired at this point) and this is where our Journey took us to the next level.
We upgraded to the Aspire premium kit and once again never looked back. By this time we where smoking e-liquids with a very low level of nicotine and where looking for a much more premium experience regarding taste and of course smoke produced.
Then came the box mods………
Since the Mods came onto the scene we have tried and tested various combinations and manufacturers to provide you all with the premium high quality products we have listed on the site. All products have been sourced bearing in mind flavour on inhale and exhale and also smoke clouds produced.
From a beginner who just needs to stop smoking cigarettes and the serious Coil Building Cloud Chasers among you we have a vast amount of personally tried and tested products with variety to suit all needs.